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Before you begin, please have proof of liability insurance covering volunteers saved as a PDF.
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Help us learn more about your organization's volunteer program.

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We're often contacted by groups looking to volunteer together (employees, teams, clubs, etc). Help us connect them to you!

Let us know how you could use the help of a volunteer group. Please list as many details as you can, including a brief project description, desired group size, and preferred days/times. *

Can you accept court mandated volunteers? *

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*This information will be included in a directory on our website.
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Are you interested in hosting a Do Good Bus Ride in 2018? *

How about a Camp Super Hero group in the summer of 2018? *

Do you have a preference for your Tip Week at the Hub? This will also involve additional promotion of your organization and volunteer needs.

Tip weeks will run Tuesday through Sunday beginning in February 2018. Requests will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. We'll do our best to accommodate your wishes! Our full schedule will be released in January.
Please upload proof of liability insurance covering volunteers.

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I understand that vounteers may not be recruited for political campaigns or work that can be viewed as overtly political, or to take part in religious activity or proselytizing.
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